Adding or Editing Products to your ZeeStore is very easy and described in this guide.

1. Go to Admin Panel Menus > Catalog > Products

You can Insert a New Product, Copy / Duplicate an existing product or Delete a Product.


2. When you click Insert button, you have various fields and option to fill and many of them are AUTOCOMPLETE (you see the option appearing , eg category when you start typing the first letter of an exist category).

3. Items marked with a red Asterisk eg:  * Product Name: are complusory, fill in these data then go to next tab > Data Tab > enter important data like PRICE, QUANTITY, SEO KEYWORD (seo-friendly url if enabled in settings > server of the store).

4. Browse and Add the Image – this is the first image and used as thumbnail to mark the product.

5. Go to LINKS tab and select Category where you want to add this product to (You can choose multiple categories and this is again AUTOCOMPLETE).

6. The Other tabs are self explanatory, Image tab can be used to add multiple images (you can organize images in multiple folders by Clicking New Folder Button eg: Sept 2013 folder for september 2013 added products).

7. Click Save Button and you are done!